Giulia G2 Project Paint Green Custom

The Ultimate All-rounder - Sensa Giulia G2 - Creating a successor for the beloved Giulia we set the bar high. Keeping all that was good, yet dropping weight, adding comfort and making it more aerodynamic. We achieved our goals and are pleased to present the result. A bike that’s stiff enough to be a proper racer. Light enough to fly up those mountains. Stable enough to descent as fast as you dare. And comfortable enough to finish any Gran Fondo. For each size the geometry and the tubing dimensions are optimized and there is room to mount wider tires. And with Aero features such as the integrated covercap, more narrow downtube profile, slimmer seatstays tucked away behind the seattube, and a (SAF) Smooth AirFlow fork, it helps you to slide through the wind. And sharpen your personal best times. Did we forget to mention it’s also beautiful? The Aero features like the integrated covercap and smooth crown integration do not only reduce drag…they are also a pleasure to watch.

Pris inkl. moms 16.500,00 DKK
Stel Forgaffel Gearing Custom stel farve Størrelse
Monocoque Generation5 - Zero Void Curing - Carbon Fiber - SAF-design Supra Full Carbon Monocoque Full Ultegra custom nej
Dæk Hjul Option Vejl. vægt Fragtpris
custom bike fit Tune Parts 7,3 Fra 400 kr.

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